Dartsmerch.com is a new venture set about to help young, upcoming or any current dart players help self-fund their tournament costs by selling their own merchandise through our site. Any player, pub team, journalist or organisation are able to sign-up and have their own store for their merch! So if you’re a keen talented player who’s struggling to find sponsors, dartsmerch.com is YOUR ALTERNATIVE!

There is a £3 set-up fee for members and we do not have any influence on merchandise uploads and a 20p charge per transaction. These fees are only to help keep dartsmerch.com running. Members keep all profits after these fees. In addition, to assisting players build their own store we can also print and ship your orders (Unless you already have your printing sorted). So, for only a small cost, we are able to do a lot to help any member.

All members can choose to have dartsmerch.com manage their orders. This includes all costs involved to print and ship. All you need to do is tell us what your selling price is! However, you can choose to continue with a provider of you choice and just choose to sell on our mainstream worldwide store. If you require any assistance we are here to help you.

We have plans to establish and expand into other sports including football, tennis, golf, wrestling, boxing, MMA and more!

Check out our FAQ’s page or contact us for any further assistance. Then why not sign up and start your self-funded dream!