We have added some FAQ’s to help our members and customers understand dartsmerch.com better. If your question is not listed below or if you need any further assistance please send us an email to support@dartsmerch.com

Dartsmerch.com is a new venture created to help dart players self-fund their season (such as entry fees, travel costs and membership subscriptions) through selling their own merchandise.

We got the idea from a similar website called prowrestlingtees.com, which allows independent pro wrestlers sell their own merchandise and gaining extra money and more exposure.

Dartsmerch.com allows dart players, journalists, organisations and teams (I,e. pubs) to host their own dartsmerch.com store page to upload their own merchandise. If our members do not currently have any merchandise we can assist them in producing their merchandise. This will either be through our own affiliated partners or through an independent designer.

Unfortunately, dartsmerch.com does charge a small one-off fee of £3 and another 20p per transaction. These fees are only to help us run this site and are considerably small considering the work and support our team do assist our members. These fees are purely administrative charges. All members keep all profits made from sales after our costs have been deducted.

Plenty! Our members receive their own online store, full control over prices and what they upload. Members also continue to own the copyright to their designs. Also, members don’t have to worry about building their own store through website developers and the costs involved in that. Our website is already built, all our members need to worry about are the costs to produce their merchandise (such as t-shirt printing). Our members can also use their store page as their own website and we can offer them their own personalised ‘@dartsmerch.com’ email address’ at no extra cost.

With dartsmerch.com our members just need to add their products, set their sale & shipping prices and watch the orders stroll in. Please note that it is our members responsibility to make sure their orders are fulfilled. We can also print, ship and manage orders on our members behalf (If you haven’t already printers in place).

Any darts player, pub team, journalist or organisation can sign up to become a dartsmerch.com member. We are your alternative to sponsors and allow you to self-fund your darts career. We understand sponsors are hard to come by, but with dartsmerch.com you can still compete in tournaments through the ability to self-fund! Basically anyone with darts related merchandise can sign-up!

Well we can and we will, but we still need funds to help cover admin fees, such as website maintenance, hosting and staff wages. Like our members we don’t have sponsors and we will need to pay to have merchandise designed and printed. by charging small admin fees we are able to offer more services to our members and to allow us to expand our venture into other sports.

We would like to point out that the website our venture is based on (prowrestlingtees.com) also charges a small transaction fee and a setup fee of $75 (if members don’t have 10,000 social media followers) to their members. Any dartsmerch.com merchandise we produce for our own benefits would not be as popular nor sell as much as our members who will have a fan base of some size, whilst we are new and will need to establish ourselves. Until we have established ourselves we will look at different methods to fund our website and also look to reduce or even remove our member fees.

We do use Google AdSense advertisements on our website, however, as the proceeds from these advertisements are low we need alternative methods to help fund our website.

At this time no, we can not. This is because we are a new venture and do not have the funds to sponsor. The purpose of dartsmerch.com is to allow players to self-fund their darts season by selling their own merchandise. If we sponsor our members then we would more than likely sell your merchandise and keep the profits to ourselves and keep the copyrights to your range. However, through our model our members only pay small admin fees and keep the remaining profits for themselves whilst keeping the copyrights to themselves.

Our website is secured through our SSL Certificate provided by COMODO. Our SSL certificate is updated each year.

SSL increases security on your website by encrypting the data transfer between your website and its visitors. SSL is becoming a requirement for more and more services online. Many users appreciate that a website is protected by SSL, which is indicated by the “https” in the browser’s address bar (before www.dartsmerch.com).

If our website is ever affected by any malware or other suspicious activity we will inform our members and our site will be locked down until to the threat is removed. Before we reactivate our site we will make sure our site is fully safe and secure and all members will be informed. Normal activity will then be resumed. We take our website security very seriously to ensure both our members and customers can enjoy our website with peace of mind they are safe and secure from internet threat.

When you sign-up we will send a confirmation email informing you that you have been accepted and your account is now active. In this email we will include your chosen pay out method.  Dartsmerch.com’s standard terms are 30 days, which will allow you build up your funds over the month. However, we also offer members the chance to receive  weekly pay outs. All payments are made on Friday regardless of which option you choose. Members can choose to have their payments paid into their bank or in their PayPal  account.

Please note members who would like Dartsmerch.com to print and ship their goods will need to set their prices appropriately as we will deduct the cost of printing, shipping and our 50p charge from the total price. Members will receive the amount after deductions have been made. For example, a t-shirt sells for £19.99, the production cost is £9.99, shipping cost is £3.95, and our transaction fee is £0.20. Members will receive £5.85 from that sale.

Until further notice yes. However, as we grow we will be looking to expand and offer new features to benefit both customers and members. This may include offering various membership packages or offering free accounts and just keep the transaction fee. Dartsmerch.com will always make sure our customers and members benefit the most from our upgrades.

For a unisex t-shirt (adult & child) it is £9.99 (That is supplier cost). Other garments cost more along with front and back prints. Other products also differ in price. However, supplier allows a larger printing area than most other printers. Some designs can print up to 41cm in width and take up the majority of the shirt in height too. We can send examples to help you.

Shipping costs are as follows: UK & Ireland £3.95, Europe £4.95 and Worldwide £5.95. Our supplier does offer a fantastic quick turnaround and depending on when we send the order through to them, customers could receive they’re orders next day. However, we do recommend stating that most UK deliveries arrive usually within 3-5 days as a safety net. European and world deliveries will differ due to customs and national postal systems. We recommend to allow between 7-14 days for these orders.

Please refer to our price guide for all product prices and shipping costs.

Well, if you want to spend your money on a your own website and deal with the running costs involved with that then go ahead. Dartsmerch.com is just an alternative for players and an easier option as everything is setup for you, without the hassle of renewing your website each year. However, if we still can’t tempt you and you want your own website please us this link to receive a £5 discount on your domain and hosting plan courtesy of Snake Services!  Snake Services provide excellent website design and management – including dartsmerch.com and other darts players! Do consider them as your chosen web designer!

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